Eswatini Railways launched a Safety Program in 1993 to improve operational safety in order to ensure that critical equipment and infrastructure is made available at all times. It was also to ensure that clients’ goods are transported safely and reach their destination intact.

The objective of this program is to raise the awareness of Eswatini Railways employees about the importance of Safe working in order to minimise personal injury and damage to equipment. It is also to promote public rail safety consciousness to help minimise incidents where railway activities impact negatively on public safety.

Ensuring that the equipment is maintained to a very high standard in order to minimise failure and increase reliability is of high importance in ensuring safety and reliability.

This program over the years has been successful in reducing the cost and number of accidents. As a result infrastructure availability has been 95% plus and the reliability of equipment 85% plus.

Statistics show that personal injury is also reduced because the employees take safety precautions before undertaking a task.

Our Safety standards are governed by international Occupational Safety, Health, Environmental, Risk management and Quality assurance (SHERQ) standards with the aim of exceeding the standards.


The Eswatini Railways network traverses community areas country wide. We have a number of bridges over major rivers. The conveyance of hazardous material under UN Code and transport requirements is adhered to. Since we cross rivers we take extra precautions in terms of train handling. Environmentally friendly spillage mitigation material is always stocked in close proximity to the railway network to enhance the Rail Incidents contingency plan with speed reaction to post incident situations.

Contact numbers for the manufacturers of conveyed hazardous materials (HAZMAT) are available in the event of a mishap or accident.

Overall environmental management at Eswatini Railways is governed by internationally accepted standards.

Eswatini Railways prides herself in ensuring that the soil, flora and fauna is preserved and kept in its natural state. All operations are undertaken with sensitivity to ensuring our environment is conserved.

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