ESR New Strategic Plan

Eswatini Railways (ESR) has completed the strategic plan formulation process for the period 2019-2022. This process follows the expiry of the 2014-2019 Strategic Plan and the requirement, as per Section 7. (5) of the Public Enterprises (Control and Monitoring) Act of 1989, is that Eswatini Railways should prepare and submit to the Standing Committee a report on its future plans.

This Strategic Plan comes at a time when ESR faces a lot of competition from its external environment and so the company has to consider capturing and creating new demand in uncontested market spaces. These new business spaces and untapped markets is where new demand will be stimulated. Thus, the ESR Board has adopted a “Blue Ocean” strategy.

In a Blue Ocean Strategy, ESR has to survive competition and in the process identify niche markets in which to thrive and make competition irrelevant. ESR has formulated a business strategy that focuses on core competencies, value propositions, as well as the company’s competitive advantages.

The “Blue Ocean” strategy is focused on the following key strategic areas: Diversification; Efficiency; and High performance through harmonious relationships. Below are the strategic programmes through which the ESR aims to achieve its vision of being “a sustainable high-performing logistics hub”:

  • Business diversification programme;
  • Systems integration programme; and,
  • Relationship development programme.

Each programme has several projects that will ensure that they meet their objectives. Ultimately, these focus areas are aimed at providing a seamless service to current and future customers, being proactively oriented and diversifying services to provide total logistics solutions.

Within the Business Diversification Programmes are a number of projects that ESR will embark on. Amongst these is the Public Siding and Warehousing project which was born through the total logistics concept. These projects are an addition to the already existing ESR Capital Infrastructure Projects namely:

  • The Eswatini Rail Link
  • Mpaka Inland Container Depot
  • Expansion of Matsapha Inland Container Depot
  • Sidvokodvo-Phuzumoya upgrades; and
  • Mananga-Goba Junction

Other projects include that of estate development and management. These projects and activities form the base for the growth to be realized by the institution.

With this strategy, Eswatini Railways will continue to contribute to the country’s economic growth through providing superior rail transport solutions, as well as employment, thereby fulfilling her statutory mandate.

The “Blue Ocean” strategy will require a huge capital outlay for it to be effectively implemented as it endeavours to address some of the internal weaknesses that are currently constraining the company. Thus, the focus of this strategy is on business development in order to be “a Sustainable High-Performance Logistics Hub by 2022” – the new Company vision. As with any Blue Ocean strategy, the estimated implementation costs will be high as it is an investment intensive strategy.

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