Turn-around Strategy

The Eswatini Railways 2014/19 Strategic Plan (SP) is a practical action-oriented guide, based on an examination of internal and external factors, which will direct goal-setting and resource allocation to achieve meaningful results over the next five years.

The structure of the SP is turnaround based and it is influenced by the following factors:

  1. Migration from being reactive to proactive orientation;
  2. Change of business approach from leasing of key assets (locomotives and wagons) to acquisition and ownership;
  3. Diversifying services from rail streamlined to a focus on total logistics.

The strategic plan has developed a clear statement of the mission and vision, identifies a set of goals and objectives and formulates key strategies that address those factors that are essential to the Eswatini Railways’s success in carrying out its functions and mandate. Key strategies also indicate the major undertakings that will position the Eswatini Railways for the future in line with the turnaround strategy.

This SP is a management tool which forms the basis upon which the Eswatini Railways will derive its annual work plans, partnerships and performance contracts. It will guide the implementation of programmes and projects and as a result, address the Eswatini Railways’s re-engineering toward the improvement of the balance sheet through adoption of a business approach to operations, effective branding and marketing as well as investment in staff to name a few. This engineering is the search for, and implementation of, radical changes in management processes that will result in optimal deployment of resources.

This SP sets out the approaches and structures to fully operationalize the Eswatini Railways with the objective of bringing to fully operationalize its mandate. The underlying themes of the plan are to: transform the issues of investment and to negate the effects of the current economic crisis through institutionalizing the process of setting and aligning priorities to available resources and, improving supervision for effective delivery of services. All these are important in order to realize the needs and aspirations of all the stakeholders and especially for the attainment of the objectives set out.

There are risks inherent in the implementation of the SP, hence mitigating measures will be taken and contingent actions drawn up in good time to prevent any possible threats to achievement of set objectives and targets. Some of the risks/risk factors identified in the course of the risk management analysis include issues of the right political will, availability of resources, information flow, and ownership of the SP as well as such matters as resistance to change.

The identification of risks started during the SP development, and the number of risks will increase as the SP matures through its lifecycle. Risk registers will be kept by all organizations and project management teams to ensure that risks are identified, registered and managed through the recommended Risk Management Process.

The Eswatini Railways is guided by core values which define the basic essential beliefs of the organisation, and are the building blocks of the various policies, actions and strategic initiatives to be undertaken. To produce tangible results, ESR will ensure proper alignment in all the processes of Eswatini Railways as an entity including the strategic, holistic, operations, people, and leadership alignment. Implementation of this Strategic Plan will require innovativeness, commitment and teamwork among the Eswatini Railways Board, management as well as stakeholders such as government ministries, financial institutions, private sector, strategic partners etc whose co-operation and reciprocity are critical.

Eswatini Railways will achieve its strategic objectives by strengthening financial control systems, making good use of information, communication and technology, and developing a well-trained and professional team that is of high integrity, transparent and accountable.

The SP will enable Eswatini Railways to examine the new contextual environment in which it operates; explore the factors and trends that affect the way it will perform its core functions; seek to meet its mandates and fulfil its vision and mission; frame strategic issues which must be addressed; and craft and implement strategies for responding to the pertinent issues



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